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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Boggis, Cadge, Squirrell, Muzzel and Bareham

Despite all the emigration from East Anglia, and the current vast surge of immigration, there are still signs that the old suffolk families are around and thriving.

My curiosity was triggered by the family historians that regularly contact us looking for records or memories of their ancestors. The old newspapers are awash with mentions of the residents, but we don't record them on the site unless they do something memorable, such as commit murder, play cricket, have melancholy accidents, or get transported. We'd need an army od dedicated historians to transcribe such details of WI meetings, weddings, funerals, parties, hunts, and social gatherings that form the bread in the news sandwitch in local papers

Often, when we get an enquiry, I recognise a 'Good East-Anglian' name. Theobald, Death, Barrell, Bareham, Humm. I recently did some research of my own on the 'clusters' of particular surnames around the area. The Bareham families of Clare are Memorable, as is the Muzzell and Levett surname in Lavenham. The Squirrell family dominate in Waldingfield, Acton Long Melford and Groton. In some parishes, past immigration have formed family 'pockets' with scottish, italian or flemish names.

Here is a quick analysis of some of the more significant clustering of surnames in the area.

117 28.82% Squirrell Little Waldingfield
3914.77% SquirrellGroton
1173.92%SquirrellLong Melford
282.26%SmithGreat Waldingfield
511.71%SmithLong Melford
1011.68%SmithGreat Cornard
270.91%BrownLong Melford
490.82%BrownGreat Cornard
450.75%KingGreat Cornard
210.70%BoggisLong Melford
210.70%WebbLong Melford
190.64%CadgeLong Melford
190.64%FrostLong Melford
190.64%JacksonLong Melford
190.64%KingLong Melford
360.60%FyzoolGreat Cornard
340.57%WrightGreat Cornard
300.50%BarehamGreat Cornard
280.47%PalmerGreat Cornard
280.47%WoodGreat Cornard
260.43%WilliamsGreat Cornard
250.42%FisherGreat Cornard
250.42%MillsGreat Cornard
240.40%BirdGreat Cornard


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