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Thursday, December 02, 2004

The demise of the Borley Ghost Society

As you know, the FHLHS covers the core parishes of Foxearth, Borley, Pentlow and Liston, and we regard any local history to do with anything in these four parishes to be our core interest. We obviously welcome and encourage research by others. We were therefore somewhat startled when the Borley Ghost Society wound itself up. Members received the message

In honor of my mother, who would never have approved of the publicity,and in respect for the people of Borley, the Borley Ghost Society is hereby dissolved.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and hard work.
Please respect these concerns and stop all further activity, publishing, etc.
Thank you, Vincent O'Neil

The website then was taken off the web and passwords were changed, thereby preventing contributors accessing their materials. This website was memorable for its wonderful archive of materials and a superb bibligraphy.
Despite its title, The 'Borley Ghost Society' turns out to be a private club owned by Vince O'Neil, so he can dispose of it as he wishes.
We have contributed some materials to their site, including all the press cuttings to do with Borley Rectory that we could find so the Society's demise was sad news.

If it fails to reappear, and we are all hoping very much that it will not fail to reappear, we'll do what we can to fill some of the gap left by the withdrawl of this wonderful resource. In the meantime, we keep our fingers crossed and hope that the site re-emerges


Blogger Andrew Clarke said...

Vince sent me a message objecting to us maintaining a link to an archive copy at We removed this. Now, access to via has been blocked by the site owner via robots.txt.

4:18 pm  
Blogger Andrew Clarke said...

We got a message a few days ago from signed, evidently by Vince. In part, it said

...Unfortunately for my loyal followers, I must stick with my plans to keep Borley at a low profile - at least as far as I am concerned. My mother would prefer it, as I am sure the villagers prefer to be left alone. Not so much that either would object to the honest study of the alleged haunting by sincere people, but many people become like the camel. Once we allow the nose in the tent, the beast becomes obnoxious and unruly as it soon thrashes about inside our home, caring not which way it tosses out belongs and our lives. It is the camels I fear.
It will be impossible to completely close the chapter on Borley. There is no way to escape my connection, nor my interest. It is a part of my heritage. One of these days, I may even publish a couple of books on the adventure.....

Quite what he means by 'Camels' is a puzzle.

7:21 pm  

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