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Sunday, January 23, 2005

A bill of the repering done att Roodbridg

A bill for work at Rodbridge turned up recently. The Rodbridge, (Roodbridg or RoadBridge on some old maps) is the ancient crossing-place of the Stour, which may even date back to roman times. Suffolk looked after their side, and Essex looked after the Borley side. Sometimes, one side of the bridge would be in disrepair whilst the other would be excellent, but coordination was never good

It seems, from the bill, that the Essex side of the bridge had undcergone extensive repairs, which included repairing the 'Cassway' or causeway that led over the soft ground from the edge of the valley to the bridge itself. A great deal of gravel, ston and clay had been put into place to repair the depredations of flooding. Interestingly, the Suffolk side had no causeway, and even today is liable to flood and thereby prevent access to the bridge at the slightest of flooding, whereas the Essex causeway is still in excellent condition, though mostly overlaid by the later railway. These men did their work well.

Essex A bill of the repering done att Roodbridg in the parrish of Foxearth in the aforsaid County, By the order and appointment of Her Majesties Justices of the board for this County, assembled at a late quarter sessions; Which work was finished and ended this 24 day of September 1703 according to the said Order as may more fully appeend there by
Inprimis For drawing up a (?) plan against the quarter sessions and for the order  } - 00 - 06 - 00
Itume  For the Carpenters bill for Timber and work } - 12 - 12 - 02
Itume For the Blacksmiths bill, in mending the old And making som new Irons } - 02 - 15 - 02
Itume For seven score and 4 loodes of stoanes laid in att three shillings a lood } - 21 - 12 - 00
Itume For 16 dayise work of 2 labourers (finding themselves board) In shuvling gravile and leaveling the Cassway, At 14 pence a day } - 01 - 17 - 5
Itume For shuvling and Carrying Six loades of Clay to Ram the shilpes with all } - 0 - 10 - 00
Itume For gravill, Out of Mr Waldgraves land } - 00 - 12 - 00
Itume For the Carriage of 85 loodes of gravile from the pit to the Cassway } - 04 - 05 - 00
Itume paid for board for the carters whilst they carted the stoanes and gravile } - 01 - 06 - 6
Itume For Journeyes and our Attendance whilst the work was in doing } - 02 - 00 - 10
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Jo: Sparrow

Winess our hand John Wilkin Cor: Brauer

  - 47 - 16 - 2


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