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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Old Cricketers who have left the pitch

The old pictures of the Cavendish Cricket team are fascinating, especially to the resident historian, and old cricketer, GH. The frustration is not knowing everybody's names in the pictures. One might think that this is of a rather obstruse interest but in several cases, the photographs are sometimes the only known ones of some of the team members.

Recently, a couple of rather poor-quality photographs came to light which had all the team identified. One is from 1872, and the other from 1937, sixty-five years later. Incredibly, one chap, the scorer J.S. Page, is in both photographs.

The team in 1872.
Back row: J. B. Davis, W. Coldham, E. Hammond, J. E. Page (captain), J. Coldham, and J. Chinery.
Seated: W. Stratton, T. Alston, the Rev F. E. P. Bull, J. S. Page(scorer).
On the ground: F. Thompson and R. B. Hurst

The Cavendish Team of 1937.
Back Row: G. Jackson (umpire) S. Bullock, H. F. Dennis, G. Turner, G. Johnson, R. Clark, J. Hale, J. S. Page (scorer)
Seated: S. Brown, V. Turner, T. B. Ambrose (Captain), G. B. Wicks, and R. Page.


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