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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Gunpowder Plot and the wretched Romans

    True Protestants I pray you do draw near
    Unto this ditty lend attentive ear,
    The lines are new although the subject's old
    Likewise it is as true as e'er was told.

    When James the First in England reigned King,
    Under his Royal gracious Princely wing
    Religion flourish'd both in court and town
    Which wretched Romans strove to trample down.

    To their old plotting trade they straight did go,
    To prove this Kingdom's final overthrow
    A plot contriv'd by Catholics alone
    The like before or since was never known.

    Rome's Council did together often meet
    For to contrive which way they might complete
    This bloody treason which they took in hand
    Against the King, and Heads of all the land.

    At length these wretched Romans all agreed
    Which way to make the King and Nation bleed
    By powder, all agreed with joint consent.
    To blow up both the King and Parliament.

    For to keep secret this, their villany
    By solemn oaths they one another tie
    Nay farther, being void of grace and shame,
    Each took the Sacrament upon the same.

    Their Treason wrapp'd in this black mantle, then,
    Secure and safe from all the eyes of men,
    They did not fear/ but by one fatal blow,
    To prove the Church and Kingdom's overthrow.

    Catesby with all the other Roman crew,
    This powder plot did eagerly pursue
    Yet after all their mighty cost and care
    Their own seat soon was taken in the snare.

    Under the House of the great Parliament,
    This Romish Den, and Devils by consent,
    The Hellish powder plot they formed there,
    In hopes to send all flying in the air.

    barrels of powder privately convey'd,
    billets and bars of iron too, were laid.
    to tear up all before them as they flew,
    a black invention by this dismal crew.

    and with the fatal blow all must have flown,
    the gracious king upon his royal throne,
    His Gracious Queen likewise their Princely heir
    All must have died and perish'd that was there.

    The House of Noble Lords of high degree,
    By this unheard of bloody tragedy,
    Their limbs in sunder, straight would have been tore
    And fill'd the air with noble bloody gore.

    The worthy learned Judges grave and sagey
    The Commons too, all must have felt Rome's rage,
    Had not the Lord of Love crept in between
    Oh! what a dismal slaughter there had been.

    The King, the Queen and Barons of the land.
    The Judges, Gentry did together stand,
    On ruin's brink, while Rome the blow would give,
    They'd but the burning of a match to live.

    But that great God that sits in Heaven high.
    He did behold their bloody treachery,
    He made their own handwriting soon betray
    The work which they had plotted many a day.

    The Lord in Mercy did his Wisdom send,
    Unto the King, his people to defend,
    Which did reveal the hidden powder plot,
    A gracious mercy, ne'er to be forgot

    And brought Rome's faction unto punishment,
    Which did the powder treason first invent,
    And all that ever plots, I hope God will,
    That the true Christian church may flourish still.


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