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Thursday, March 01, 2007

more thieves and receivers than any other part of the county

It is rather startling to think of the wild past of Cavendish as one, nowadays, creeps into the Bull Inn, on a sunday, to see the ranks of genteel retired bank-managers eating their sunday lunches.

A wilder and more robust past is hinted at by the following two news items. It also gives a clue why Glemsford was referred to not as 'Little Egypt' in victorian times but 'Little Hell'.

March 21st 1867. Glemsford. The following robberies have been committed in the neighbourhood. Two guns and two coombs of beans were stolen from Mr Smith of Braggins, a large quantity of poultry from Mr Smith of Hill Farm, the shop of Mr Clarke of Finsted Street, grocery and drapery, nearly all the poultry from Mr Eagle, all the poultry from Mr Maxim of Lodge Farm , two ducks from Mr Hale of Finsted End, all the poultry from Mrs Harvey of Park Farm . The farmers in the neighbourhood keep their guns or revolvers ready as a visit from these nocturnal organised thieves may be expected. I believe that at Glemsford and Cavendish we have more thieves and receivers than to be found in any other part of the county.

October 31st 1867. Samuel Croxon and Alfred Taylor of Glemsford were charged with stealing pears the property of Mrs Ewer at Foxearth, Samuel Ward said he was in the employ of Mrs Ewer, he saw defendant’s with five others on the highway, he followed them and saw them in the orchard. 21 days.The chairman of the bench said in this district of Glemsford and Liston hardly a person was safe and people on Sundays were kept from going to church to prevent depredations.


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