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Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Essex Surnames

HERE is a- collection of personal names or surnames collected by Fred Beaumont, Coggeshall historian, in 1890, derived from animals, trees, trades, places, & borne by people who had been connected with Coggeshall in times past. They are typical of Essex names. 

Sparrow, Larke, Raven, Martin, Starling, Jay, Bird, Duck, Mavis, Sparhawke, Teale, Cocke, Cockerell

Mutton, Lamb 

Ram, Roe, Hart, Wilboare, Bull, Calfe, Colt, Coney, Hare, Seal, Sammon, Whitinge, Beeke, Maggot, 

Trees and plants
Olive, Armond, Peartree, Crab, Plum, Cherry, Berry, Beane, Pease, Rice, Pollard, Bush, Hedge, Root, Parsley, Garland, Lilly,

Butcher, Baker, Tanner, Turner, Skinner, Cooper, Fuller, Weaver, Tailor, Tiler, Draper, Glover, Dyer, Carter, Wheeler, Fisher, Chandler, Gunner, Potter, Slater, Mason, Sawyer, Miller, Cartwright, Gardener, Shepheard, Ringer, Groom, Clerk, Chamberlain, Smith, Grocer, Cooke, Nurse, Page, Swain, Man, Huntsman, Squier, Savage. 

Stafford, York, Norfolk, Sudbury, London, Hedingham, Flanders, Tunbridge, Cornwell. 

The Church
 Pope, Monk, Abbot, Vicars, Righteous, Church, Death, Marriage.

The Seasons
 Frost, Summers, Summerson, Christmas.

 Black, White, Greene, Gray, Scarlet, Fairhead, Whitehead, 

Broome, Cask, Cape, Sling, Bell, Club

Blud, Proud, Joy, Write, Streight, Weight, Miles. 

 Waters, Rivers,Wells, Pool, Pond, Shed, Towers, Castle, Bridges, Cliff, Clay, Sand, Stone, Diamond, Farrow, Webb, Cotton, Keyes, Marsh, Field, Hills, Streete, Lee, Creek.
Woodland and farms
Wood, Boughtwood, Drywood, Dogwood, Eastwood, Westwood, Hazlewood, Underwood, Woodward, Hayward, Appleford, Walford, Fishpole, Whiteacre, Holmstead, Overhill, Holditch, Stanbridge, Highgate, Springate, Shortland, Cowland, Headland, Park, Archpool, Litherland. Pitchforke, Gimlet, Picknut, Glasscock, Cockshief, Slowman, Wiseman, Bearman, Deadman, Love, Loveday, Goodday, Goodwine, Crackbone, Spiltimber, Pinchback, Shakeshaft, Cutlipp, Wildblood, Jellebrowne, Goldwire, Leapingwell, Maydwell, Lesswell, Thoroughgood, Hopper, Skipwith, Hunt.


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