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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pentlow and the Poll Tax

As luck would have it, we have a record of the Poll-Tax payers of Pentlow for the year 1381. It is interesting to note that some of the surnames have persisted in the area, (Oliver, Reeve, Brett, Bunting, Clarke, Gurney are surnames that catch the eye). There were said to be thirty men and twenty women, but this is unlikely. One suspects that there were probably many more, but the ones that got listed for poll tax were the unfortunates that couldnt hide!

Pentelowe.Parish 1381

Free Tenants

Nicholas Clerk and his wife
Richard Clerk and his wife
John (Johannes) Buntyng
Thomas Gerneys and his wife
Willelm Gerneys and his wife
Willelm Reve and his wife
Stephan Gerneys and his wife
Simon Dereby and his wife
John (Johannes) Olyver
John (Johannes) Dawnce junior
John (Johannes) Cry sale senior and his wife
Reginald Promet and his wife


John (Johannes) Dawnce senior and his wife
Thomas Reve and his wife

Servants and workers

John (Johannes) Bret and his wife
John (Johannes) Whypp
Willelm Kylat
Robert Auton
John (Johannes) O(l)eval
Johanna Rokeber
John (Johannes) Stokton
Margaret Reve
John (Johannes) Thomas and his wife
John (Johannes) Grey and his wife
John (Johannes) Clerk and his wife
Walter Plante and his wife
John (Johannes) Propechant
John (Johannes) Robac and his wife
Margaret Bontyng
Thomas Crisaland his wife
John (Johannes) servant of Willelm Gerneys
John (Johannes) Galor


John (Johannes) Crisale


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