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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Black Beast of Borley

One of the less-well reported features of the Borley Rectory saga, reported on by Captain Gregson, was the sighting of a huge black cat

Unlike most of the other stories about Borley Rectory, the sighting of the large black cat has been confirmed over the years by other people around Borley. In reporting their sightings, it was the size of the cat that surprised and puzzled them more than anything else

Curiously, the cat appears in broad daylight, apparently hunting along the edges of woods and fields. It seems to be jet black, to have a long curving tail, with a very thick coat giving it a rather massive appearance, and intense yellow eyes.

Recently, it was caught on-camera. Unfortunately, it was a hand-held digital camcorder, held rather unsteadily, showing the animal at long distance but the results are pretty clear.

So, what is this strange creature? So far, there have been no confirmed sightings of any exotic cats (e.g. leopards) having gone feral in the UK. The cat in the photos seems very large, but not entirely beyond the range of the domestic cat. It has been seen again recently, again in Borley. Those who have seen it says it is definitely not a domestic cat but much bigger.


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